Association Managers: Empowering Communities With Expert Guidance

Association Managers: Empowering Communities With Expert Guidance

Every year, 210,100 people donate over $251 million worth of time and energy toward managing 22,300 community associations in Texas. While this level of commitment is highly commendable, it's no guarantee that your HOA is getting the level of service it needs to thrive.

Volunteer HOA board members rarely have all the skills and experience necessary to fulfill their roles. To truly succeed as a community and maintain property values, they should bring in extra help from qualified individuals.

That's where community association managers come in. Read on to discover what these experts can offer your HOA.

Association Managers Guide Your Community

A community manager can help you formulate effective HOA strategies to help keep resident satisfaction high and ensure payment of HOA fees.

An HOA board made up of volunteer members is often at a loss knowing where and how to get started improving their community. Their input guides the board through the difficult process of enforcing the HOA rules while maintaining community harmony.

They are a constant source of advice and information, helping the HOA board make decisions that please and benefit the community residents. A sense of collaboration is imperative for the ongoing well-being of the HOA.

Services Provided by Association Management Companies

Community managers perform important property management roles depending on the preferences of the HOA board. These services may include all or some of the following:

HOA Governance

All HOAs run according to a set of CC&Rs to ensure harmony and order in the community. When homeowners follow these rules, they help maintain the value and appeal of the properties within the HOA.

It's often difficult for HOA board members to approach friends and neighbors within the community about rule infringements. A community association manager helps enforce the HOA's CC&Rs impartially.

HOA Finances

Financial planning is a highly specialized field that's often beyond the HOA board's realm of expertise. An HOA manager uses state-of-the-art software to collect HOA fees and record them accurately.

When homeowners are late paying their fees, a community manager knows the correct channels for collecting these past-due amounts. They can assist with managing HOA liens and foreclosures if necessary.

Finally, they can advise the HOA board on budgeting to ensure the community's financial health.

Maintenance Coordination

Effective maintenance of the HOA's common areas is vital for ensuring high property values and community harmony. An association manager will create a schedule for these routine tasks. They will negotiate the best prices with vendors, and oversee the work involved.

Community management companies have existing relationships with local vendors to ensure reliable service.

Maximize Your San Antonio Association Management

Association managers offer a range of expert services in every area of HOA management. They can assist you with budgeting, maintenance coordination, community engagement, and more.

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