How to Increase HOA Home Value in San Antonio, TX

How to Increase HOA Home Value in San Antonio, TX

The verdict is that living in an HOA community is more popular than ever. More and more homeowners and even renters are gravitating to homeowners associations because of their numerous benefits.

Although HOA home value is already higher than non-HOA neighborhoods, you should always look for ways to increase property values. Here are some key ways to ensure your HOA neighborhood is hot in the real estate market.

Maintain Outdoor Spaces

One of the biggest advantages of living in an HOA community is that it has outdoor spaces. These may include pools, barbecue areas, and playgrounds.

Association management can ensure outdoor spaces always look pristine. For instance, barbecue upkeep and playground maintenance are important for visual appeal and safety.

Add Valuable Amenities

An HOA board needs to consider the opinions of residents if they want new amenities in the community. If requested amenities follow the HOA rules and are within the budget, then they will increase property values.

Some popular HOA amenities include:

  • pools
  • saunas
  • gyms
  • business centers
  • playgrounds
  • event spaces

Evaluate your amenities regularly to see if residents are using them. If something is not being used, then that money may be better invested elsewhere.

Listen to Residents

Although the HOA board has the final say in all things related to the HOA community, always offer an open ear to residents.

You should give the floor to members of the HOA during community meetings. Take suggestions for agenda items that you can discuss and vote on.

An HOA board that takes input and improvement suggestions from its residents will spike property values. Residents love to see that their HOA dues go toward things they actually care about.

Perfect Your Landscaping

When you drive through an HOA community, perfect landscaping is one of the most noticeable features. Residents can take advantage of crews to do their yard work, rather than having to do it themselves.

A property management company can arrange maintenance landscaping, so your lawns and common spaces are always trimmed and beautiful.

When your HOA neighborhood has beautiful landscaping, it shows attention to detail and that residents abide by HOA rules.

Increase Security Measures

Communities with homeowners associations tend to be safer. These neighborhoods usually have neighborhood watch programs, where residents keep an eye out for threats.

Some communities even have extra security, which can increase property values. For instance, many gated communities have a guard who lets residents and guests in. Visitors have to be on a pre-approved list as part of the HOA rules.

Many people will pay more for guaranteed security, where they do not have to worry about theft or property destruction.

Boost Your HOA Home Value Today

If you run an HOA neighborhood, home value should not have to be a worry. With this guide, you can continuously increase HOA home value in your community.

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