How to Get More Homeowners to Attend HOA Meetings

How to Get More Homeowners to Attend HOA Meetings

HOA living is growing increasingly common in the United States. Reports show that over 74 million people now live in one. The problem is getting them to take part in the process.

So, how do you improve attendance at HOA meetings? Here are some tactics to try to drive up HOA participation.

Focus on Accessibility

A big reason many HOA homeowners don't attend meetings is the inability to do so. It isn't because of a lack of interest. They either need more time or means to get to a meeting.

Have your association manager make meetings as accessible as possible. Most people work during the day, so don't schedule meetings during the middle of the day. If people struggle to make it to the physical location of a meeting, set up video conferencing to allow homeowners to attend remotely.

Improve Communication

Many homeowners may not know what's happening in the community. They see work being done on their way to and from home, but a lack of communication makes it hard to know what's actually going on.

Set up communication channels to make things easier. Set up a website, create newsletters, and get on social media. Residents can subscribe to whatever form of communication they want. Being informed means they know what happens during meetings and may have a say about what happens.

Set an Agenda

Encouraging meeting attendance is hard when homeowners don't have a reason to be there. Just setting a date for a meeting isn't enough. The HOA board needs an agenda that tells people why they should attend.

Plan your meetings carefully.

  • Talk about current project updates
  • Discuss financial issues
  • Review current HOA rules
  • Bring up community events

The more you can make the meeting appealing with agenda items, the more you encourage participation.

Combine Events

An engaging agenda may not always be enough to encourage homeowner participation in meetings. Sometimes they need something more fun, such as community events.

Try scheduling meetings around community activities. Do you have a pool party planned? Try scheduling a meeting during or soon after the party.

Doing this will make meetings more fun and encourage people who may not regularly attend to join the HOA process.

Offer Venues for Feedback

One issue some HOAs have is homeowners not feeling heard. They see the HOA as the enemy restricting what they can do on their own property.

One way to counter this feeling is to take feedback seriously. You may have outdated rules that the community no longer aligns with. Give people a way to express their concerns and allow the community to make changes that make sense.

Make Your HOA Meetings More Popular

HOA meetings are a great way to get the local community involved in governance and give them a say in how the HOA community runs. Unfortunately, not all homeowners see the value in attending meetings and may not get their say. Try using the tactics above to get homeowners to make it to the next meeting.

Having a partner by your side to assist with your HOA homeowners meeting may be what you need to increase participation. At PMI Brightstar, we offer every service an HOA needs to run effectively. Reach out today to learn how our experts can help your community.